Mindset Reset – A Monthly Ritual

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Episode #250

Mindset Reset – A Monthly Ritual

Today I’m sharing with you how to do a mindset reset. Think back to any January 1st- new year resolutions are a prime example of a mindset rest. You create new goals – maybe financial, health, career or in your business. Then, because of bad habits and lack of consistency, you fall off the wagon and you’re back at it next January 1st.

Monthly restart

What if instead, you invested in a monthly mindset reset? This is something I do and I love to share about it. It’s worked for my clients and it can help you, too. I call it a refresh or a monthly restart. Now, rather than trying to make quantum leaps in your life, you create doable, measurable goals and hold yourself accountable in 30-day blocks at a time. You may be asking – what exactly is a mindset reset monthly ritual?

Full moon ritual

Additionally, if you’re into astrology or even spirituality – you may have heard of a full moon ritual. Put simply, it’s a self care practice that you do each full moon eve which happens to cycle through monthly. There is no right or wrong way to do such ritual. In summary, you write down behaviors or patterns of what you want to let go of and you journal about what you do want.

From there, you can meditate, take a bath, or whatever self care practice feels good to you. The point of this ritual is to reset your mind and focus. It’s about giving yourself the opportunity if you’ve fallen off track to get back on. And, rather than wait until next year, you can do it every month. 

Consistency is key

I’m inviting you to try your own monthly mindset reset. Whether you do this each full moon, or the first Friday or whatever you choose, be consistent. Set yourself up to win. This will help you become aware of what’s working- and what’s not and give you the opportunity to adjust – and begin again.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re partaking in a monthly mindset reset ritual – share with me. How do you fill up your own cup? How do you reset and stay focused? There’s no right or wrong way. Simply, start today!


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