Mindset Hack When Things Don’t Go As Planned

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Episode #306

Mindset Hack When Things Don’t Go As Planned

It’s time to implement this mindset hack for when things don’t go as planned! Have you ever been excited for a new relationship, job interview, purchasing a house and more and then things fall through or don’t work out and you’re totally bummed? It’s normal. But there’s one mindset hack to start using now to help you remember things are always working out for you.

Even better

The next time your ideal situation doesn’t go as planned, say this mantra “It’s this or something even better!” When I started reminding myself of this anytime things didn’t pan out as I hoped, it helped me stay grounded and trust that life is happening for me. And, it has!

A new mantra

Whether I was house shopping and disappointment after disappointment, or I was stoked for a job interview and didn’t get an offer, or a new relationship I was excited about ended up fizzling out, this mantra has kept me forward focused. And, guess what? Something even better has always worked out for me.

Rejection is always redirection

When you come up against a road block or challenge, I want you to remember, rejection is always redirection. When you trust that you are always being guided and don’t get hung up on a specific target, it will always turn up better than you expected! So, remember this mindset hack the next time things don’t go as planned.


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