Mastering Your Money Mindset

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Episode #95

Jordan Youngblade joined me for this week’s podcast episode. She shares how to master your money mindset. Jordan previously worked in the financial industry and was surrounded by wealthy people – but they were miserable. She learned that money doesn’t create happiness.

In addition, after overcoming her own health issues and being in a state of stress, Jordan created balance in her life and ultimately mastered her money mindset. A major key learned, it’s not about doing. It’s not about the chase or the scarcity money mindset society has created for us. When you can eradicate your limiting beliefs, you’ll learn that there is so much abundance available for all of us.

As I share in all of my teachings, mindset is everything. If you come from a struggle or lack mentality, money will always be chased. But, there is another way. 

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