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Manifesting 101: The Law of Attraction

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Episode #269


Manifesting 101: The Law of Attraction

Ambra Brant joined me to discuss the law of attraction manifesting 101. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are attracting everything into your life by the thoughts you think. However, most people are so focused on what they DON’T want and then wonder why they keep getting more of it.

Universal Laws

The Law of Attraction is just one of twelve universal laws and became mainstream when the film The Secret was released. The thing is – it’s no secret, it’s science. What you focus on you attract. You’re literally a magnet. If this is true, wouldn’t it make sense to be intentional with your thoughts?

Feeling unworthy

Ambra shares the importance of becoming aware of your negative narrative and limiting beliefs. She explains that at the root of all suffering is the belief that you’re not worthy. Not worthy of love. Not worthy of money. Not worthy of abundance. Instead, you’ve got to learn to flip the script and embody being WORTHY of whatever you desire!

Cancel, cancel, cancel

Once you become aware of your patterns, you can learn to catch and replace the negative thought with something more positive to gain momentum towards what you want. Ambra says you can say “CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL” as a pattern interrupt and then insert a new thought. Over time, this will literally rewire your thought patterns and bring what you want to you.

As I preach, mindset is everything. Just as you spend time on your body, you have to do the same for your mind. The positive aspects of meditation and visualization are just two ways of reprogramming your thoughts to attract what you want. Incorporating a morning routine for example is about being intentional with your thoughts and starting your day on the right foot.

Feel it first

In addition, becoming aware and changing your thoughts is just the first step! To truly manifest your desires you have to embody the feelings and emotions behind it. You have to act as though what you want is already yours. If you had the money, relationship, house, travels, business or whatever you desire NOW, start showing up as that next level you, today!

In summary, you have to learn to have FUN with this! The law of attraction manifesting 101 is all about having a desire, releasing the how and your timeline and then having faith that it’ll show up. Put your desire out there just like when you order a meal at a restaurant and then sit in excited anticipation ready to enjoy!

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