Life Outside the Hustle

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Episode #85

Dr. Brent Tieri joined me for today’s podcast episode. Brent shares his background of his former life: constantly living in the hustle and grind mentality to finding purpose outside the hustle.

A former workaholic who was always grinding and hustling, Brent wasn’t fulfilled. He came to a point in life where he lost his passion. Our society has created this notion that happiness comes from reaching a destination. By the time you get to that destination, a new level of happiness must be achieved. Brent shares how this realm of thinking lead him to no fulfillment or happiness.

It wasn’t until he started going within and asking himself questions as well as doing self development that he realized there was more to life. He came to the conclusion that maybe there was more to life than hitting those marks. His past was all based on conditional happiness. When X happens, I’ll be happy; but X is always changing.

Brent shared with me a key point: Perhaps we’re busy climbing a ladder leaning against the wrong building. Lightbulb moment! Have you found yourself chasing after the wrong thing?

When Brent turned inward, he discovered he had been busy doing things he had to do, vs. doing things he wanted to do. When he made the shift in doing the things he wanted to do, he realized what being fulfilled really meant.

Brent’s story reminds us all that life is about creating balance – integration outside the hustle. It’s a practice. When you can recognize your weaknesses and find your strengths, do what you’re good at and delegate the rest.

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