Life is a Reflection

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Episode #152

Life is a Reflection

Every experience we have is a reflection of the thoughts we think. If you can step back and become curious, to find the opportunity of the lesson, you will grow and evolve in giant leaps.

Find the lesson

One of my biggest pet peeves is flaky people or those that make plans and ghost or cancel last minute. Follow through means everything to me. After a recent experience of this happening to me three times in a two-day span, it was time to learn the lesson.

After I got over myself and my frustration, I asked myself this question, “Where am I canceling or not showing up for myself?” I believe these three experiences had to happen to get me to a point where I could step back and reevaluate. Life isn’t happening to me, it’s happening FOR me. 

Things that annoy you

Now, it’s your turn. Sit back for a moment and think of a couple of things that really annoy you about other people. Is it people who are always late? Maybe it’s people who seem lazy or unmotivated? Or, is it people who have unhealthy behaviors?

Once you can pinpoint some annoyances, I want you to turn this back to you- where are YOU doing these same things? For example, are you always late? Are you lazy and unmotivated? Do you have unhealthy behaviors?

Make a decision

Being self aware is the first step. Deciding to make a change is the next. If being on time, motivated and healthy are important to you, it’s time to show up for yourself. Words are meaningless without intent and follow through.


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