Lessons From the Open Road

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Episode #166

Lessons From the Open Road

I just returned from a two-week road trip and wanted to share my lessons from the open road. For this road trip, I wanted to try something new – I had no real plan and did no advanced hotel bookings. This trip was going to be totally spontaneous with no detailed itinerary.

Recovering planner

For me, a former Type-A planner being spontaneous and having no plan left me feeling really uneasy. That’s what I’ve learned – we think we’re in control of our life and we hold on tightly trying to keep control. The truth is, we don’t really have control of outside circumstances. The only control we have is with ourselves.

Going into this road trip choosing spontaneity was a daily difficulty for me – at first. I like a plan. I like a detailed itinerary. What I learned though is not having a plan is a lot more fun. It provides the freedom we’re seeking. Having no plan provided me with the opportunity to go where the wind took me. 

Surrender to your plan

That meant, endless possibilities for each day rather than sticking to a schedule. By interacting with locals I learned of places that would have never been on my map. This road trip helped me to let go – to surrender to my plan and be open to an even better possibilities.

This weeks challenge: try your own experiment. Where can you let go of the need to control and be more spontaneous? Where can you go to disconnect? Have fun with this!


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