Lessons From a Millennial Therapist

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Episode #203


Lessons From a Millennial Therapist

Tess Brigham joined me to share her lessons as a millennial therapist. Before we got started, I asked Tess to clarify the difference between a therapist and a coach. She explained that therapy is about the past where coaching is about the future. Coaching helps you get from where you are today – to where you want to go.

Internet influence

As a millennial therapist, Tess shared that millennials were the first generation to be highly influenced by the internet and social media. Although the internet has provided so many benefits, there has also been a lot of pressure for millennials to always be on and constantly comparing. 

Not only have millennials gotten caught up in comparing, they’re now conditioned to seek external validation. Rather than validating self, they seek approval via likes. This really hit home as I am a millennial and have experienced this myself.

Inner resilience

What I love about Tess is her ability to offer clients the chance to shine from within. We all have access to inner resilience and strength, it’s just whether or not we tap into it. Something else Tess shares is the importance of doing a success review. How often do you allow yourself to sit down and think, wow, I accomplished something?

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