Lessons From a Lazy River

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Episode #162

Lessons From a Lazy River

This past week I learned a valuable lesson from a lazy river. I had my niece in town visiting from Kentucky and got to spend the day with her at one of my favorite childhood summertime favorites: Water World. While going down the lazy river, I experienced a huge epiphany.

Experience is power

We can hear all of the cliche quotes and read the books, but knowledge is not power, experience is. When you step into a space of surrender, to let life flow and stop the need for controlling outcomes, life happens effortlessly. I was reminded of this while on that tube in the lazy river.

You’re not stuck

While we were venturing down the ride, I kept getting stuck in whirlpools spinning in circles. My niece kept advancing as well as others, but I stayed “stuck”, or so I thought. So many of us question our journey. We question the timing of our life. Trusting in the process seems unnatural. We’d rather dam up the flow.

Trust the process

By the time I finished the lazy river, I was in front of my niece and had passed others that previously passed me. That’s when it really clicked. The lesson learned from the lazy river was this: trust the process. Trust the timing of your life and learn to let go, let flow.


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