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Episode #191



Brett Scott joined me today to share how it’s time to start saying yes and to just fucking do it! Life is meant to be lived with joy and adventure and new experiences. After attending a recent seminar, something was ignited in him. He realized he wasn’t fully living. He was only going through life’s motions at best.

Take action

Wasting no time at all, Brett returned home and decided it was time to take action. It was time for Brett to take risks. Try new things. Face his fears. One fear in particular he was ready to nip in the bud was his fear of heights. There’s no better way to face that fear then to jump out of a plane!

So he did just that. Skydiving for the win! In only a couple of months he has conquered some big fears. He realized that the magic in life is found on the other side of fear and by taking risks. What fears are holding you back? Get outside of your comfort zone starting….now!

Live life with no regrets

Brett is now living and with no regrets at that! He started salsa dancing. He approaches women he may be interested in. He wants to go out with nothing left unsaid. And you know what? I believe him. He takes action. Brett doesn’t just talk about what he’s going to do, he actually goes out and does it.

Stop waiting

We waste so much precious time putting things off. Waiting for tomorrow or next week or better yet, January 1st. The thing is, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. You may never feel ready. You have to step into the person you really are to have the things you really want.

The moral of the story, just fucking do it! Stop waiting. Whatever you’ve been putting off, start today! To listen to Brett’s fully story, click below.



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