Judgment Detox

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Episode #88

I recently finished reading Gabby Bernstein’s book – Judgment Detox. I received it in early January but wasn’t ready to read it. When I finally picked it up just a few weeks ago, I blazed through it. I was ready. It was perfect timing as I know the importance of releasing judgment. This book really honed it in.

It’s so easy to get caught up in judgment. Think about most social settings, whether you’re people watching or hanging with co-workers, sometimes it’s just easiest to talk about people. And by talk about people, that simply means judging them – it may be their appearance, something they did or said, and the list goes on. Judgment doesn’t serve us, in fact, it tends to make us feel like shit. Gabby provides meditations to release judgments about people and situations.

Any fault we’re picking others apart for, tends to be something we dislike about ourselves. I caught myself judging this girl from the gym. Her RBF (resting bitch face) is so nasty. And then I had to go within; where am I exuding RBF? Bring negative thoughts to light and seek a new way. It’s about changing behaviors and habits.

New habits take time and consistency is key.


Gabby Bernstein

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