If It’s Not a Hell Yes, Then It’s a Hell No!

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Episode #188

If It’s Not a Hell Yes, Then It’s a Hell No!

I had a big a-ha moment this past weekend when I was trying to make a decision – if it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a HELL NO! We spend so much time agonizing over the “shoulds” which ultimately can lead to resentment to do things we don’t want to do.

Stop shoulding all over yourself

I should go to their birthday party. I should attend that event. I should do that favor they asked. Stop shoulding all over yourself! The word should can now be removed from your vocabulary entirely. Should doesn’t even feel good. 

Here’s your permission (not that you need it) the next time an invitation for something comes your way, say to yourself, “If it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a HELL NO.” I’m going to remind myself of this as well. Whether it’s a business opportunity, going on a date, an invitation for a Friday night, if I’m not all in and super stoked about it, I’m not agreeing to it.

Don’t force it

You may be thinking, that’s a nice motto Heather, but I have obligations to my family, or work or my partner. I agree. But, if you put yourself in their shoes and know that someone doesn’t really want to do something, would you force them? If you answered no, why would you force yourself?

Listen to your internal compass

You have gut instincts that help guide you too. Are you listening? You know when something is a yes. You can feel it. It feels good. It’s exciting. You also know and can feel when something is a no. Listen to your internal compass. It’s ok to say no. This week I challenge you – the next time an invitation comes your way, if it’s not a hell yes, you say no!


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