How to Unwrap a New Mindset

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Episode #133


How to Unwrap a New Mindset

Danny Torres joined me this week to share his steps on how to unwrap a new mindset. I talk about mindset all of the time. In fact, I truly do believe that mindset is everything. What you think about and focus on is what you will experience.

Be intentional with what you’re consuming.

Have you ever heard the term 80% psychology, 20% mechanics? If your beliefs, habits and self talk are on point, everything else will line up. In this episode, Danny shares his tips on how to unwrap a new mindset.

The first step is being aware – what are your limiting beliefs, negative self talk and your environment? In order to transform you first have to know where you’re starting. When you become aware of your patterns and habits, you can better understand your triggers and anchors.

What you speak about, you bring about.

The next step is paying attention to your language. What words are you using? Do you speak from a space of abundance, possibility and excitement? Or, do you speak from a space of lack, struggle and no way out?

Danny gave a perfect example of how he was aware of a trigger of feeling anxious and then how we created a new anchor. Anytime he felt a bout of anxiety he would laugh! Laughing created a new anchor and the feelings of anxiousness turned into excitement. 

Creating new habits.

You can literally do this with anything. Procrastination, eating habits, follow through, laziness, you name it. The key though, having a strong why. Without that, motivation dies off and then old patterns return.


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