How to Transform Your Relationship With $ Money $

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Episode #115


How to Transform Your Relationship With Money

Dan Harrison joins me this week to help you transform your relationship with money. Dan teaches this transformation from personal experience – he went from over $500k in debt to financial freedom! 

So many of us have restricted our money flow. If you’re always thinking about debt, trying to get out of debt, or even lessen your debt – you will attract more debt. Instead, think of ways you could have financial abundance.

To get to the root of your money stories, it’s important to go back – way back to your earliest memory of money. What was the money story of your parents or those closest to you? You likely have the same beliefs around money and that is buried in your subconscious.

The good news – as Dan shares, he had negative money beliefs that stemmed from childhood. Getting the mail was never fun because the focus was on more bills. But he also had his grandmas story – money could be found anywhere, especially in his cake!

Language is Powerful

Your beliefs around money are what create your money story. I have good news, as with anything, you can turn negative beliefs into positive and create more abundance. Check back on this episode to learn how to change your language by clicking here.

As I touched on earlier, to get out of debt is still focusing on debt. The subconscious mind and your beliefs create your reality. Instead of debt, think and speak about financial freedom. It’s about changing your story.

Dan asked himself a powerful question when he was in the debt trenches: Why am I creating these results? He was tired of struggling and knew there had to be a better way. 

By creating a new image and story, his experience with money began to shift. The important thing to note here, it was never about money. When you change the inside (your beliefs and stories) the outside has to change too. 

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Ah, the old adage: money doesn’t grow on trees. The funny thing about this old belief, it’s well, happening. Many states in the U.S. and now Canada have legalized weed. Did you know marijuana is a plant? Money is now literally growing on trees!! 

Eliminating Money Stressors

#1 stressor in relationships is money. But, it doesn’t have to be! Dan has created wealth conscious programs for entrepreneurs and couples. I highly suggest this program if you have been struggling with money.


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