How to Thrive Through Uncertainty (Part 4)

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Episode #238

How to Thrive Through Uncertainty (Part 4)

Welcome to the fourth and final week of the four part series on how to thrive through uncertainty. Today’s focus is about having faith over fear. It’s easy to find yourself in a state of stress, worry or overwhelm anytime you come up against an obstacle or challenge, but I challenge you to instead, have faith.

Belief in a higher power

Have faith that you will be guided. Have faith that everything will work out for you. Choose to surrender into the uncertainty and unknown and be open to asking for help or guidance. Whether you believe in a higher power or find a mentor, I’ve had great success in stepping away from trying to force something out of panic and instead allow an easier path to unfold.

Gratitude is the best attitude

Gratitude is one of the easiest ways to help you refocus from a place of fear into a space of faith. When you can find things to be grateful for it increases your energy and vibe and allows you to focus on the good. Remember, what you focus on expands. Choosing to find things to be grateful for can help you shift perspective.

You have the power

In summary, this series on how to thrive through uncertainty was to help you remember that you are 100% responsible for your reality and if it’s not where you want it to be – you have the power to change it. A quick summary of each lesson:

  1. Focus on what you can control
  2. Come up with solutions rather than problems
  3. Decide on your ideal outcome
  4. Have faith over fear

I hope that you gained a lot of insight over the past few weeks and are equipped in the future the next time you encounter a road block. Just know, you have a choice in life – you can thrive or just survive. I hope you choose the former!


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