How to Thrive Through Uncertainty (Part 1)

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Episode #232

How to Thrive Through Uncertainty (Part 1)

I’ve decided to change it up – for the next four weeks, I’m going to do a four part series on how to thrive through uncertainty. At this time, it’s not a situation happening for one person, or one city or one country. Rather, it’s a global response and there’s a whole lotta uncertainty going around.

Thrive instead of survive

There’s one thing guaranteed – you’re going to face challenges, uncertainty and obstacles in your life. Wouldn’t you rather learn how to thrive rather than just survive through them? That’s what part 1 is all about: focus on what you can control.

Thought cycle

In the diagram below, it illustrates a cycle based around your thoughts. If you hadn’t realized yet, your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts also create feelings which lead to emotions, followed by action or lack thereof and ultimately your results. If you don’t have desired results, go back to square one – your thoughts.

Make a choice

Thriving rather than surviving is a choice. Choose to look for solutions rather than focus on problems. Let go of the external forces you can’t control and focus on what you can – YOU. And, that all begins with your thoughts. If you’re focused on fear, worry, stress that’s going to lead to feeling helpless, likely inaction and shitty results.

Instead, take a breath, come back to the present and think about possibilities and opportunities in any perceived obstacle, challenge or uncertainty. Where can you be more resourceful? How can you think outside the box? You can thrive through uncertainty – if you decide you can.


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