How to Tap Into Your Intuition

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Episode #189


How to Tap Into Your Intuition

Monique Hayes joins me this week to share how to tap into your intuition. I recently did a poll on Instagram asking my audience if they knew how to tap into their intuition. A shocking 75% of people answered no. That immediately sent me on a quest to find a master at this and bring it to you.

Experience is knowledge

We learn through experience. I learned what my intuition was after a series of events that ultimately weren’t right for me. I kept thinking it was fear trying to hold me back so I kept going. I learned that the soft whisper, the gut feeling I was experiencing was in fact my intuition. Since that experience, I now tap into my intuition to help guide me.

Pay attention to the whisper

Intuition is self trust. Whether you listen when it’s a whisper, or when it’s more firm with a brick or hits you like a mack truck, your intuition is your internal GPS. It will never steer you wrong. You have to trust yourself. You have to trust your feelings and the inner knowing to guide you.

It’s time to get quiet

One key principle to tap into your intuition is to allow time to get quiet. Whether it’s journaling or meditation or a walk in nature, you can’t receive when you’re always busy DOING. I have had some huge a-ha moments when I find space to get quiet. Inspiration for a podcast topic or next business opportunity come my way when I allow.

Ego vs. Intuition

The difference between your ego and intuition is obvious. Your ego is loud. It creates inner chaos. Your ego brings on doubt, fear and worry. Your intuition is a gentle whisper, nudge or feeling. You can ask for a sign anytime you’re in doubt and the universe will always deliver.

Your intuition will always guide you to the past of least resistance. It’s the difference of being pulled into a direction versus being pushed or forced to do something. The pull is guidance. The push is ego. No matter what, let the most expansive direction guide you. Each experience you have with learning your intuition versus your ego provides knowledge. Trust it.

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