How to Tap Into Your Full Potential

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Episode #161


How to Tap Into Your Full Potential

Matthew Rojas joined me this week to share his story of how to tap into your full potential. We discuss embracing self confidence, harnessing self accountability and never accepting defeat.

Never let your story define you

First of all, growing up wasn’t easy for Matthew. His father left at an early age and he didn’t feel like he had a vision or direction for his life. In 2014, he joined the military hoping to find clarity and purpose. Ultimately, he wanted to find himself.

One day while in the military passing by a mirror, something clicked for Matthew. He decided it was time to get after it in the gym. Matthew wanted to be someone greater than he was. Tapping into his full potential became his mission.

Grow through what you go through

Additionally, for many people, myself included, physical exertion not only strengthens the muscles, it also strengthens our mindset. It was no different for Matthew. Lifting weights drove him and built up his confidence. It poured over to other areas of life and he found himself getting promoted quickly. 

Physical fitness provides a lot of mental clarity. Specifically, whatever the mind can conceive, the body will achieve. In the gym is where Matthew was filling up his jar of potential. Through old memories, he latched on and it became his driver to excel. He found his why.

Most importantly, he found accountability within. He realized he could accomplish anything. During his time in the military, he realized physical fitness was something he wanted to help others with. Mainly, tapping into a strong mindset to achieve your desires. 

Questions to ask yourself

Matthew shared two very important questions: 

  1. What will happen if you DO it?
  2. What happens if you DON’T? 

These two questions are something I’d like you to sit with and think about the next obstacle or opportunity that comes your way. It’s about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s about pushing past your perceived limitations. It’s about persevering through a desire to quit. Finally, it’s about not quitting an inch before the finish line.

Finally, as Matthew says, never accept defeat.


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