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How to Take Inspired Action

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Episode #327


How to Take Inspired Action

Ken Attard – a mindset consultant joined me to share how to take inspired action. We’re conditioned and used to efforting and struggling to make things happen. Even thinking we have to hustle and grind to get ahead. However, as Ken shares, there is another way!

Shatter your beliefs

It’s time to shatter your beliefs that you have to struggle and suffer to get what you want in life. Every single one of us has access to infinite potential. When you can shift your paradigms from struggle to ease, your entire life will change. This includes finances, health, relationships and more. 

Connect within

To begin, you have to understand that your unconscious beliefs and thoughts are creating your results. You can’t change a current situation with the same mind-set that created it. Instead, be willing to let go and create quiet space for you to connect to source. This can be through meditation, being in nature or journaling, to name a few. The key is to quiet the outside chatter to connect within.

What if?

As Ken says, you can tap into the omnipotent energy – everything is there! You can also begin by asking simple questions like: 

  • What if it could be fun?
  • What if it could be easy?

What if?! And guess what – it can! It comes down to a conscious effort to think differently. Your daily disciplines and habits create your life. Wherever your attention goes, energy flows. Are you ready to stop struggling and start taking inspired action to get the results you want?


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