How to Stop Self Sabotage

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Episode #254

How to Stop Self Sabotage

If you could just stop doing this one thing – you could have everything you desire. I’m sharing with you how to stop self sabotage so you can create your ideal reality.

Raise your hand

First of all, raise your hand in the air if you’ve ever self sabotaged. If you’re not raising your hand, what else are you not being honest about? We’ve all done it – that is, found ways to sabotage a relationship, our new fitness goal or money because ultimately, you felt unworthy or not enough.

The good news – you’re not alone. Even better news – there IS another way! The first step in changing any behavior is simply being aware. Once you’re aware, you can become curious as to why you do the sabotaging thing you do – and then how you can change it.

Change your story

Once you’re aware, you can link the sabotaging thought (not worthy, not enough etc) to an underlying story you’ve had on repeat. You’ve proved yourself right time and time again on why you’re not good at dating, or can’t stick to a diet plan or never have any money. 

Now, you can call BS on yourself and write a new narrative. Write all of the reasons why you CAN have the thing you want and why you ARE worthy of it. Then, read this every day. You can write I am statements to begin to build belief. I call this pulling weeds and planting new seeds.

Consistency = results

Finally, to change any behavior for good, it’s all about consistency. Every time you catch yourself with a disempowering thought or behavior that’s taking you away from your desire, replace it. Soon enough, it’ll become habit and self sabotage will just be a thing of the past!

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Stop self sabotage


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