How to Step into Your Authenticity With Passion and Purpose

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Episode #139


How to Step into Your Authenticity with Passion and Purpose

Lauren Simms joined me for today’s episode in which she shares how to step into your authenticity with passion and purpose. It wasn’t always this way for Lauren – she shares how she stepped out of the role of trying to please everyone to choosing passion over popularity.

Not the traditional route

Lauren has a diverse background in health and fitness and multi-level marketing. For her, the traditional route of working a 9-5 sounded dreadful so she found another way. 

The key to Lauren’s success was stepping back and asking a powerful question, “What would make me happy?” So many of us are always trying to please others rather than coming from a space of authenticity.

Eliminating negative self talk

Self criticism is something that seems to come so easy. Disliking who we are or our body. Lauren shares how she has turned around her negative self talk into empowering affirmations. Start with acceptance and love yourself exactly as you are. 

It’s equally important to know your triggers. What brings upon insecurity, doubt and fear? Embrace these moments and then find a way to break your pattern. It could be as simple as replacing with an I am statement or taking a walk around the block. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Lauren has stepped into her authenticity by making herself a priority as well as choosing good vibes to consume. Whether it’s podcasts or reading, she is constantly filling herself up with motivation and inspiration. By doing this, she’s able to give the same to those who surround her. 

In closing, be you; shine bright. 


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