How to Self Evaluate to Be Best Version of You

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Episode #211


How to Self Evaluate to Be Best Version of You

Brooks McDonald joined me for today’s interview on how to self evaluate to be the best version of you. Many people claim to want this, but few will actually do the work to attain it. By self evaluating, you can see what is working and also find the gaps to improve what’s not working.

Vivid goals

During our discussion, Brooks shared the importance of having vivid goals. This is like going to the grocery store and having no shopping list. You’ll end up perusing the aisles with no plan and either walk out with more than you need or empty handed from frustration.

With a vivid goal you can create a road map. Then, each day, you can create a routine to show up as the person at the end goal. You will become that future vision today. But, you have to know your vision. I loved that Brooks shared you have to lean into what you’re trying to accomplish.

Lean in

Leaning in takes work along with having faith that the universe has your back. Fear of failure or fear of the unknown is what holds most people back. If you can lean in with mental grit of persevering through any obstacles, along with putting emotion behind your goals, you will succeed.

Be where your feet are

Years ago Brooks had set his own vision that if he could get to a certain level, he would have “made it”. The thing is, he made it far sooner than he planned and it left him feeling confused, frustrated and wondering what his purpose was. There is no getting “there”. 

In addition, Brooks shared an important lesson – find joy, happiness and gratitude in every situation. Rather than chase a fleeting moment, be where your feet are. The journey is where the joy is found, not the end goal.

Finally, as Brooks shares, take the risk now. Challenge yourself towards growth and spend time self evaluating to be the best version of you.


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