How to Reprogram Your Mind

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Episode #262

How to Reprogram Your Mind

It’s time to dive in and learn how to reprogram your mind. Positive thinking has a lot of stigma around it – does it actually work? Well, it’s a loaded question. For starters, positive thinking is about changing your perspective and focusing on what’s going right in your life.

The power of thought

However, positive thinking alone won’t change your reality. Instead, in order to reprogram your mind and ultimately your results, it’s going to take more than positive thinking. Every thought is backed by an emotion and feeling. Your body memorizes these emotions and each time that thought occurs, it creates neural pathways.

As in, thoughts that fire together, wire together. So, yes, on the surface your thoughts are powerful. But that’s only the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is where 95% of your beliefs and memories are stored. In order to have lasting change and impact, you have to change from the subconscious mind.

Conscious creation

This may sound complicated but it’s really not. You are a powerful being and when you back thought with emotion and feeling in the direction of what you actually want – you can begin to consciously create your ideal reality. Think, quantum physics meets law of attraction mixed with some spirituality. 

Sound woo woo? It’s not. Whether you get it or not, you are the only one responsible for creating your reality. If you want change, change begins from within. If you’re ready to consciously create and reprogram your mind for new outcomes, don’t miss this episode!

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