How to Overcome the “Shoulds”

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Episode #137


How to Overcome the “Shoulds”

James Grima joined me to share with you how to overcome the shoulds and step into your authenticity. This is a common phenomenon – I should do this, I should do that, I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that…

Stop shoulding all over yourself! Rather than worry about the “should” it’s time to focus on what you actually want to be doing. James spent years doing what he “should” do and he finally hit a wall. He didn’t want to live a life by default or what he should do. He wanted to live life doing what he wanted to do.

Just fucking own it

In order for James to step into his authenticity and out of the shoulds, he had to own himself. He had to tap into who he really is and make that his new default.

Stop living by default

What happens when we live by default or according to the shoulds, we tend to feel trapped. I know I can relate as I worked in corporate for over a decade and just couldn’t do it anymore. James asked himself important questions – “What do I want for my life, myself, my career, relationships? Who do I want to be?”

If you’ve found yourself living a should life, maybe it’s time to start asking yourself these questions. If you could do anything, what would you be doing? How would you wake up each day? What makes you fulfilled?

Enjoy the journey

When you make a decision to living through authenticity know it’s a process. You have to be ok with stepping into uncertainty. And then, you have to trust that all will work out. And it will as it has for James. Although cliche, be willing to jump and let the net appear.

On a final note, live by values you choose. Not from default.


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