How to Navigate Change

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Episode #117


How to Navigate Change

Tami McVay joins me for this week’s podcast in which she shares how to navigate change. She went from Marine Corps, to working IT jobs in corporate to mentor. After a tough year with losing close friends and being burned out from a demanding work project, she took the leap and quit to pursue more heart centered work.

Leaving a stable corporate job with benefits and paid vacation wasn’t easy – Tami even talked herself off the ledge by thinking worst case scenario. Her worst case? If it didn’t work out, she could always get another “job”.

In this interview, Tami shares how to navigate transition and change. One key note she shared – you have to go all in. Burn your safety nets with only one foot in and give it all you’ve got. In the process you will learn what works, and what doesn’t. 

Courage – Confidence – Commitment 

Having a marine corps background, Tami shares her three go-to’s: Courage, Confidence and Commitment. 

Courage – having courage requires you to get out of your comfort zone. It requires effort. It also requires that when you feel that hesitation, that resistance, you forge on. 

Confidence – building confidence requires mental prowess. It’s about releasing self doubt. It’s an internal knowing that you CAN accomplish whatever you set out to do. 

Commitment – going all in is commitment. Self discipline and mindset are everything. You can’t half-ass your efforts. Nothing half-assed is worth it. The worst case? You learn, you grow and you gain confidence by committing.

Create Daily Routines

I’ve shared the importance of a morning routine before. Having a morning routine creates momentum for your day. It helps with focus, alignment and productivity. Tami shares that she practices daily gratitude, meditation and knowing her mission and vision to keep her going.

Have you created your morning routine?


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