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How to Manage Your Mindset

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Episode #247


How to Manage Your Mindset

Molly McGrath, a veteran in transformation and mindset, joined me to share how to manage your mindset intentionally. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are in control of your current outcomes. Want change? This discussion is for you.

In your head – you’re dead

As I originally heard from Tony Robbins, and which Molly references, anytime you are stuck in your head, trying to figure something out – you’re dead. Instead, Molly offers how to train your brain and connect with your body to drive your energy instead to what you do want.

Stop overthinking

Have you ever found yourself overthinking the worst case scenario? This likely has sent you down a rabbit hole and you may totally bomb an interview, presentation or speech. There is an alternative option – visualize how you want the interview, presentation or speech to go, your ideal outcome, and create emotion and high vibe energy behind that.

Whether it’s money you desire, a relationship, business, travel etc., you have to operate like it’s already yours. How does a millionaire act? What do they say? What does your fantasy vacation destination look and feel like? When you can step into the power of visualization by managing your mindset to focus on your ideal outcome – that will become your reality.

Train your brain

Finally, Molly shares that the key to managing your mindset – or training your brain, is to be intentional. As I preach often, consistency is key if you want real results. What can you do today to step into the best version of you? How can you show up now to bring your vision to life?


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