How to Make Friends As An Adult

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Episode #158

How to Make Friends As An Adult

This week’s topic – how to make friends as an adult. I’ve found myself in unfamiliar territory for awhile and after having dinner with a friend a few nights ago, I learned I’m not alone. The topic of conversation was our social circle. Being in our 30’s and 40’s friendships and social outings have really changed.

Treading new waters

At this time in our lives, the friends we once partied with have gone on to marry, moved back to hometowns and have children. In our younger years, let’s say college and 20’s, making friends seemed so easy. Whether it was new classes every semester, greek life, intramural sports or work, the opportunity to meet friends was endless.

Possibilities are endless

Although it feels like there are less options at our age, when I sat down to think about it, there are plenty of options to make friends as an adult. It’s just that a lot of them will be outside of our comfort zone. We have to put ourself out there or try something new. 

While brainstorming, here are just a couple of ideas I thought of:

  • Join a meetup group doing an activity you enjoy
  • Try something new
  • Book club
  • Travel group
  • Trivia
  • Say hello to a stranger
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Volunteer
  • Foster a pet

Try something new

The main takeaway – get comfortable being uncomfortable by trying something new. Put yourself out there. The best part, your current friends were once strangers. Most importantly, have fun with this and report back what you tried! I’ll be sure to do the same.


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