How to Let Fear Fuel You, Not Rule You

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Episode #122

Fear. A measly four letter word that holds a lot of people back. This week, I’m sharing with you how to let fear fuel you, not rule you. I’ve learned to do this myself – so I’m speaking from experience. 

Embrace fear. 

Everything you desire is on the other side of fear. The relationships, life experiences, material objects, starting a new business or writing a book – everything you desire is possible, you just have to have the courage to go after it. When you have feelings of fear or procrastination or doubt or worry, turn it around. Those emotions can hinder you or propel you forward. You get to decide.

Get fear out of the drivers seat. 

Your mindset is a muscle that needs strengthened. Daily. I know for a fact that daily, consistent habits are what brings your desired reality to life. Rather than being fearful and getting stuck, feeling the fear and doing it anyway releases the power fear has over you.

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind!

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