How to Increase Productivity

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Episode #89

How to Increase Productivity

This week I’m sharing my interview with Mike Szczesniak about How to Increase Productivity. Mike shares his insight on how to work from a peak level as a high performer while maintaining productivity.

Mike used to battle anxiety and panic attacks and would beat himself up if he felt like he wasn’t being productive. A night out with friends could send him into the spiral of feeling unproductive if he wasn’t constantly hustling. As you could imagine, this way of life was not sustainable. He needed to find out how to increase productivity.

Mike shared that anxiety is when thoughts start to spiral and panic attacks would be the result as a physical reaction. Luckily, Mike found another way. Your thoughts create emotion and thoughts are 100% your control. Through the practice of meditation, he was able to find stillness.

Mike’s view on productivity is no longer skewed. When he let go of the obsessive traits of to do lists, checking things off, and constantly being busy, he was able to create a new way. Clarity is #1 habit for productivity. Once you can gain clarity, everything elevates. Mike suggests starting with “Why”. When you know the why, the rest will fall into place.

When you’re in a state of overwhelm, find a starting point. Mike shared with me the Law of 3.

Law of 3:

  • Responsibilities (write out a list of everything you’re responsible for)
  • If you had to pick one thing that will give the best results, and most impact, what would it be? (circle top three items)
  • Eliminate, delegate or outsource the rest.

Here’s the thing, you can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t try. It’s about progress, not perfection and Mike suggests getting comfortable producing at 80%. If you want to learn how to increase productivity just tune in.

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How to Increase Productivity

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