How to Heal Chronic Dis-ease

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Episode #91

Do you suffer from chronic dis-ease or know someone who does? First of all, chronic dis-ease can be anything from joint pain, to gut issues, thyroid, cancer and beyond. In addition, if you live in North America, you’re aware that our health care system is a billion dollar industry. We’re given bandaids to “heal” our aches, pains and illnesses but never taught how to prevent those illnesses from ever occurring.

In this week’s episode, I interview Jason Persaud who is a Chronic Disease Health Coach. He’s spent years researching, learning and practicing holistic healing. After healing his own fungal infection, he now educates and helps others to heal chronic dis-ease.

In summary, I understand that some of this might be “woo woo” but I suggest you listen in with an open mind. Your negative thoughts and emotions (such as stress and judgment) over time develop negative energy and resort to somewhere in your body. Many times, these aches, pains or illnesses are simply a wake up call. You literally can heal your life by changing your thoughts and emotions.

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