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How to Ground Your Thinking

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Episode #239


How to Ground Your Thinking

Dr. Rodney King joined me to share his background in mixed martial arts and how to ground your thinking. Do you ever find yourself stuck in a negative feedback loop of being a failure, not good enough or playing the woulda, coulda, shoulda game? You’re not alone. 

Achieve inner success

As Dr. Rodney King shares from his experience in teaching and performing mixed martial arts, you can achieve inner success through movement. Mainly – return to your breath. This is an incredibly easy exercise to practice, yet most people don’t. Whenever you find yourself in a state of mental chaos you’re likely future tripping or stuck in the past. Instead, come back to your breath which brings you to the present moment.

Observe your thoughts

It’s easy to attach to your thoughts. To think you are your thoughts. However, the opposite is true. Dr. Rodney expresses the intention of learning how to observe your thoughts rather than attaching any meaning to them. Can you accept where you are? When you can accept this moment, here and now, you change the relationship with the way you’re thinking and feeling.

That’s where change begins. I want to stress one point: you are NOT your thoughts. I loved when Dr. Rodney shared that thoughts are simply fragments of history. Getting stuck in that negative feedback loop is not what’s happening right now.

Being present

In order to ground your thinking, you have to learn to be present. The best practice in being present is to be conscious of your breath. Even better, finding that gap between thoughts while focusing on your breath is pure peace. It’s simply presence. The next time you find yourself in a mental battle, ground your thinking by coming back to the here and now.


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