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How to Get Unstuck in Life

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Episode #281


How to Get Unstuck in Life

Andrea Parker is one helluva coach and is sharing with you how to get unstuck in life! This is one of my favorite interviews in a long time because she hit on so many pain points much of the population faces – limiting beliefs, feeling stuck, wanting change and more. One key message she shares – you have to do the inner work.

Do the inner work

What is inner work? If you’re new to the personal development space, inner work means becoming curious and self aware of your patterns and behaviors. Inner work helps to shed the light on your blocks and sabotaging behavior. If you’re not doing the inner work – you’re likely numbing out via scrolling on social media, drinking, over eating, gambling, shopping and more.

Start here

Here’s where to start – your intuition or internal guidance is always speaking to you. It’s a whisper. Perhaps a nudge bumping you in the right direction. When you face resistance or difficulty, that’s a sure sign you’re going in the wrong direction. It’s time to listen to this whispers and end your self imposed suffering.

Self reflection

Begin be asking yourself this: What do you want? What do you truly desire? Don’t hold back. Your wants and desires are yours for a reason. It’s divine intelligence wanting to live life through you. We’re here for a human experience – joy, laughter, ease and fun are your birthright. Anything else, is you blocking the good that comes naturally for you.

Seeking Fulfillmentf

If you’re looking to find fulfillment, Andrea shares several strategies. Mainly, to get into your heart space, know you’re worthy and capable of anything you want in life. Andrea says, “the key is to live from your heart – when you’re in your heart, nothings missing”. Are you ready to get unstuck in life?!


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