How to Get Out Of Your Own Way

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Episode #207


How to Get Out Of Your Own Way

Sam Pogue joined me to share his back story and how you can get out of your own way. Do you ever find yourself overanalyzing or you feel stuck with what direction to take next? You’re not alone. The only way to overcome a mental block is to go through the perceived obstacle.

Say yes

Saying yes to something new takes courage. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway takes practice. That is exactly what Sam has been able to do while strengthening his mindset. He’s curious. He sees opportunities in the unknown and is not afraid of trying something new.

A powerful note that Sam shared is that people don’t say yes enough to the intuitive nudge. When you have the butterflies in your stomach you can choose to think it’s fear or use it as excitement to propel you forward. Sam’s note – just say yes! Go for it. The worst that happens is that you develop a new skill or meet someone new along the way.

It’s all about the journey

During our interview, on how to get out of your own way, I had an a-ha moment. So many of you turn your back on the unknown and revert back to safety. Safety is not where you belong. The journey of saying yes to something new is how you discover where you want to go.

Get out of your head

My favorite quote of all from Sam, “In your head is a dangerous spot.” Stop overthinking. Stop playing it safe. You have one shot at this life so start saying yes! Be willing to fail. Most importantly, choose to see every opportunity as a new adventure. What can you learn or try next?!

The final note to getting out of your own way is to jump in. Go all in on something. Regret of never trying weighs much more heavy than the perceived failure if something didn’t go as planned. There are plenty of doors within your power to open – you just have to say yes!


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