How to Get Out of a Funk

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Episode #140

This week I’m sharing with you how to get out of a funk. There are times in life when you will feel down, maybe bummed out, feeling worried or doubting your abilities. There’s good news, I have three strategies to teach you the next time you’re in a funk.

Find your rainbow

Just last week, I was in my own funk. I was feeling down for yet another cloudy, dreary day in what felt like a never ending winter. I sat there feeling pity and cranky and it didn’t feel good. Since I know what to do when in a funk, I chose to change it around.

It was snowing, yes, end of May and snowing in Denver. Only a few weeks prior, I had bought a new winter coat and snow pants on a super sale and I was excited to get to wear next season. Seeing the opportunity in front of me, I chose to get out of my funk.

I found gratitude for the snowy day – I could test out my new coat and decided to embrace the weather rather than resist it. I also went out on a walk. By moving, changing my focus, and finding gratitude, my mood had done a 180.

3 steps to get out of a funk

First of all, when you’re in a funk I’m willing to be you’re sitting or laying down. First step to get out of a funk – change your physiology. It’s as simple as getting up, taking a walk, dancing, jumping jacks  – whatever you choose, get moving! 

Next up, change your focus. Being in a funk means you’re focused upon something negative. Flip it around to see how the event is happening for you, or better yet, find gratitude. 

Finally, change your language. Speak of your situation in a positive light. Think of solutions rather than focusing upon the problem. 

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