How to Follow Your Intuitive Nudge

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Episode #165


How to Follow Your Intuitive Nudge

Scott Shaff joined me for today’s podcast episode to share how to follow your intuitive nudge. What I love most about his story is that he was able to trust his gut and by doing so, he proves that the Universe always has your back. 

Ask this question

The first question Scott asked when he was contemplating taking the leap was “Why can’t I do it?” He witnessed others crushing their game and profiting, why couldn’t he?! I love this question because it makes you take a step back and think what’s the worst case scenario? I’d much rather try and learn then never try at all.

Creating a freedom lifestyle

For years now Scott has been living life on his terms. He has work he’s passionate about while having the freedom to be an active dad and golf on a Tuesday. He’s even setting himself up to retire by the time he’s 40 if he chooses.

By following your intuitive nudge, the resources you need will be shown. The key to all of this is: no risk, no reward. If you stay stuck in your comfort zone, living life by default, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of. 

Take the leap

I challenge you this week to take your own leap of faith. To follow that internal nudge. You never know what’s in store!


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