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How to Fix Your Money Mindset

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Episode #279


How to Fix Your Money Mindset

Melissa Mittlestaedt joined me to share how she overcame major financial debt and how you too can fix your money mindset. Every single person has their own money story. Have you ever thought about yours? What was the story growing up around money? How was money discussed?

Money is energy

Here’s the thing, when you get down to it, money is just paper and an exchange for products or services. Money is simply energy. Most people are so hung up on the lack and scarcity of money and wonder why they don’t have more of it. Melissa shares how she overcame $45,000 of debt and paid for her dream wedding by changing her money story.

Thank money

To begin, Melissa shares the importance of thanking money. When you have an attitude of gratitude, you attract more abundance. Rather than keep money at bay by talking about having to earn it or there’s not enough, try something new – thank money as though it’s your best friend. Thank it for the car you drive, the house you live in, the clothes you wear and the food you eat.

Flip the script

Additionally, change your script. Start making statements like, “It’s so easy for me to pay my bills!” Or, “I’m so happy and grateful money comes to be in increasing amounts daily!” By doing this, you’re rewiring your brain and changing your energy around money. Watch how quickly your money experience changes!

Finally, it’s time to fix your money mindset! Make a conscious choice that this moment forward, you will have gratitude for money. You will spend your time in excited anticipation that money comes to you quickly and easily and there’s more than enough to go around. 


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