How to Fear Less

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Episode #176

How to Fear Less

I just returned from a trip to Sayulita, Mexico and had an eye opening experience on how to fear less. I was with a crew of nine others for a 35th birthday and one of the days we took a day trip excursion to go hiking in the jungle and jump off of waterfalls. I LOVE adrenaline and embracing fear to fuel me, not rule me.

Stop overthinking

Out of the ten of us, two people didn’t end up jumping. It was very interesting observing what fear does to people. When we feel fear, we tend to stop, overthink, talk ourselves out of things or imagine something to be much worse than it really is. Instead, if you allow fear to fuel you and think of it as excitement and go towards the thing creating the fear it has less power over you.

Take action 

Here’s the thing, you will never be fearless. Fear is an innate human trait. What I’m suggesting are ways that you can learn to fear-less by taking action and not allowing fear to rule you. Think of it this way, a popular approach to FEAR is (false evidence appearing real) and I couldn’t agree more.

Countdown to action

When you allow your mind to run rampant, that’s when fear sets in. Instead, if you take action, in my case jumping off a waterfall, fear doesn’t have time to be destructive. Fear doesn’t have the opportunity to freeze you in your tracks.

Just as Mel Robbins states in her book the 5 Second Rule, don’t allow time to hesitate. Do a quick countdown 5-4-3-2-1 and MOVE. Each time you do this you will build your mindset muscle and be able to conquer fear easier in the future.¬†

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