How to Experience Heaven on Earth

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Episode #324

How to Experience Heaven on Earth

What if you knew how to experience heaven on earth – would you? Today I’m sharing with you how to transform your levels of consciousness and enjoy this human experience. Your paradigm or model of thinking is what creates your reality. Whatever you believe is possible will be your experience.

Spiritual beings having a human experience

First of all, it’s important to know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Although it seems that we are 8 billion individuals strong, we’re all a piece of the sum. In other words, you are not truly an individual identity – you are source and source is you. However, we’ve been taught to create separation which leads to fear, greed, competition, scarcity and ultimately insanity.

Daily intentions

The good news – we can all experience heaven on earth. It simply comes down to choice and a daily intention to choose again. If you treated every person you encountered as your brother (whom you love) with kindness and compassion, this world would be a completely different place. Perhaps, it’d be heaven on earth!

Lead by example

Your role in all of this is to lead by example. To release the need to judge and criticize. Most importantly, to desire to see the light and love in everyone you meet. This is a true transformation of consciousness and it’s possible if you begin to make the shift to show others how it’s done. This is how you learn to experience heaven on earth.

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