How to Expand Your Mind

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Episode #187


How to Expand Your Mind

Ben Benita joins me this week to share how to expand your mind. I constantly share the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and that mindset is everything. Changing your life or your current reality isn’t some monumental task. The key, small incremental shifts in your thinking is all you need. 

First step – awareness

The first step in expanding your mind to possibility is to create awareness of your current actions and thought patterns. Once you’re aware, you can create a road map to get to where you want to be. By implementing small shifts in your thinking, you become open to more. 

It’s as simple as witnessing someone else running a race, or buying a home, starting a business or becoming a millionaire to expand your mind into what’s possible. You can think, “Wow, if they did _________ ” it suddenly becomes possible for you too. 

Once you expand, you never go back

The moment you expand into even greater possibility and potential than your current reality, the mind never goes back. You are now aware to what’s possible. You realize you CAN do something you once thought wasn’t possible. 

Find a mentor

Remember, this is about small, incremental changes. There is huge value in community and mentorship. If you’re curious how to run a 5k, find someone who has already done it. Want to become a millionaire? Talk to someone who is already a millionaire. Ready to buy your first home? Get in contact with lenders and realtors. 

By reaching out to your community or finding a mentor, you fast track where you are to where you want to be. You can learn what to do and not to do from someone who has already been there. And then, pay it forward. Become a mentor for someone who’s in your old shoes and help expand their possibility!

The new normal

A shift in your mindset becomes your new normal. Expanding and leveling up becomes a way of life. The best part, it’s about who you become on your new expanded journey of possibility!



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