How to Discover and Step Into Your Greatness

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Episode #101

I’m so stoked to share with you THIS episode. Luke Wren, a results driven coach joins me to share his insight on how you can discover and step into your greatness. He shares three key steps: 

  1. Step into your greatness.
  2. Take the next step.
  3. Be You.

Luke has been coaching since he can remember. He is extremely passionate about what he does and he’s living proof of what daily, consistent action can do for you. We live in a broken system. The old school mentality – go to school, get a job, work hard and then retire is no longer serving us. Growth is the juice of life. Get outside of the box. Discover, grow and develop your greatness. 

First of all, I realize for some, “discover your greatness” may feel far reaching, but the good news, it’s not. It’s innate. You have a unique gift or skill. Think about someone you admire – what do they have or do that inspires you? Rather than getting caught up in the “If only I had that” – discover your own. Each one of us has greatness in us. Luke shares ways that you can develop and grow yours. 

Next, what are you naturally good at? What do people compliment you on? What comes easy? This is your X-Factor. Share it with the world. Stop focusing on what other people are doing. This year, actually, today, choose to become more of who you are. Choose to be less influenced by other people.

In addition, the key in all of this is learning to step outside the box (comfort zone). Growth is life. When you become fearless, life becomes limitless. Embracing the fearful moments and letting go is when you feel the most alive. 

Each time you step outside of your comfort zone and face your fears, you grow. Whatever you’re avoiding, move towards it. You have a choice: fear can use you, or you can use fear to propel you forward. When you learn to let fear fuel you, not rule you you’ll start asking, “If I can do that – what else can I do?”

What if your excuses became your reasons? 

Furthermore, those you admire are doing a few fundamental things daily that the average person does sporadically. Don’t be average. Do you want the magic potion? It’s simple: stay consistent. Create daily habits and take a step in the direction of your goal(s). Challenge yourself and get outside of your comfort zone. Be you.

To be somebody you’re not, is to waste the amazing person you are.

Equally important, there’s a physical gym for your body and there’s a mental/emotional gym for your mind. What are you feeding your mind? Many great leaders share the importance of having a morning routine. Luke discussed the power of his “I am” statements. He suggests having four to five I am statements that you say every day. 

Finally, when you discover your greatness and continue to take the next step forward you will become unstoppable. Each and every day, play full out. 

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