How to Create Flexible and Sustainable Fitness Habits

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Episode #99

Tyler Kelly joins me for this week’s episode and shares his approach on how to create a flexible and sustainable fitness program. Tyler is based in Chicago, IL and founder of Logical Lifting. As a former personal trainer, he is now helping thousands of people with their fitness and nutrition lifestyle.

Fitness isn’t a seasonable hobby, fitness is a lifestyle. Creating a flexible and sustainable fitness routine really is a journey – not a destination. You have to be in it for the long haul and mentally prepared – there is no finish line.

When Tyler qualifies individuals for his program, he wants to know your “Why”. Without a why, there is no clear goal or direction. The good news, creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean becoming a gym rat. There are so many possibilities when it comes to movement – they key is consistency.

Tyler shares his own experience of busting through limiting beliefs when it comes to physical achievement. In order to bust through your blocks you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

How long will you let your excuses hold you back? 


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