How to Correct Negative Thinking

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Episode #230

How to Correct Negative Thinking 

Ever find yourself in a negative rut? You’re not alone. This week I’m sharing with you how to correct negative thinking and get back on a high vibe momentum train. The key, be able to witness and observe your thoughts and know that you are not your thoughts.

Creating momentum

Anytime you fall into negative thinking and focus on the thought, you create momentum. This likely has you ending up turning a mole hill into a mountain. Or, I often refer to this as going down the rabbit hole. In order to not get stuck or create momentum in the opposite direction you want to go – you have to shift your focus.

Awareness is key

The first way to do this is to become aware. Catch that negative thought, acknowledge it and then, let that gremlin go. Not today! Don’t resist or try to ignore it because whatever you resist persists and ultimately you’re adding fuel to the fire.¬†

Shift your focus

Once you’re able to observe and let it go, it’s time to shift your focus. The easiest way is to find gratitude. This will immediately change your emotions from low vibe to a higher vibe and then you can gain momentum in the right direction.¬†

Another option is to create movement. More than likely, when you find yourself in a funk, I’m willing to bet you’re stationary and likely sitting. Get up. Get moving. Maybe it’s going for a walk or turning on some music, either way, change your physiology.

Staying stuck is optional

Correcting your thinking is simply creating new habits. At first it may be difficult or feel like a task. But, like anything new it takes practice. Once you’ve practiced observing and letting go, those negative thoughts will no longer have power over you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Falling off the momentum train happens. Staying stuck is optional. And, be sure to check yourself before you wreck yourself. These are the keys to correct your negative thinking!

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