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How to Connect With Your Soul

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Episode #277


How to Connect With Your Soul

Jennifer Urezzio shares how to connect with your soul to transform your life. She is the creator of the program Soul Language and shares the power of conscious connection to be the creator of your life. Jennifer helps you to connect with your internal guidance and find the answers you seek.

Receiving guidance

To begin, when you consciously use your Soul Languages and accept the talents of your Soul, you are able to achieve all of your wants and desires. Your external world is a direct reflection of your inner world. By connecting to your soul or intuition, you can receive direct guidance for your life.

Most people get caught up in seeking answers outside of themselves – Jennifer refers to this as life by jury. Think back to a time when you were seeking answers or guidance. How many people did you discuss the topic with trying to find clarity? Maybe your parents, a friend, co-worker, neighbor etc. Rather than create more chaos and confusion, the answers you seek are inside.

Alternative approach

Additionally, it’s so easy to get caught in your head. Trying to analyze and think logically to find solutions. Instead, Jennifer teaches an alternative approach in which you can connect your mind with your body. By connecting the two, you can let your heart, or rather your intuition lead you to answers. This is where the magic begins!

Internal compass

In summary, connection is key to receiving what you want. When you create space to connect with your internal compass, you will never be steered wrong. It’s time for you to connect with your soul to transform your life!


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