How to Combat Your Inner Critic

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Episode #111


How to Combat Your Inner Critic

Tony Whatley, author of Side Hustle Millionaire, joins me to share his tips on how to combat your inner critic. For most of us, your inner critic is loud and holds you back with fear.

Tony shares ways he’s learned to process his thoughts and emotions. Rather than fear holding him back, he asks himself, if what he’s doing is something worth doing. If the answer is yes, he pushes through the doubts and fears knowing the impact he can make far outweighs playing small. 

As a driven, high performer, Tony is always looking for the next thing. He’s been able to get comfortable being uncomfortable. As I always say, it’s about letting fear fuel you, not rule you. Tony has multiple business ventures that challenge him and enable him to be constantly growing. 

What if I win?

In addition, I found this statement very powerful: “Rather than what if I fail, what happens if I win?” Taking risk, and busting outside of your comfort zone is about looking at the potential upside. What reward can come out of this? What if I WIN?! 

Society has conditioned us since our early years to fit inside of a box. To be like everyone else. That is total BS and boring if you ask me. If you break apart the word (outstanding) it literally means standing out.

For just a moment, think about someone who you admire. Is it an artist, athlete, singer, or actor? We admire their qualities but tend to play small when we think of that possibility for ourself. 

Be aware of your triggers

Tony’s been able to reverse engineer his inner critic. Rather than go down a rabbit hole with doubt and fear, he calls himself out. Gaining awareness to your thoughts and behaviors is key. It’s important to be able to ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this emotion?” And finally, be aware of your triggers – what makes you feel happy, confident, angry, worry and fearful?

Finally, fear and confidence are both imaginary. Decide which you’d rather live with. The good news, both exists only in the mind. Growth is overcoming fear, and anxiety and complacency is why you aren’t getting ahead. 

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