How to Believe In Yourself

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Episode #252

How to Believe In Yourself

The biggest thing holding you back from whatever you desire is disbelief. Today, I’m sharing with you how to believe in yourself and close the gap from where you are – to where you want to be. Creating belief takes conscious effort and must be done on a consistent basis.

Change your focus

First of all, I like to share two basic principles needed to create change. The first is to change your focus. When you’re in a state of doubt you’re creating momentum away from what you desire. Instead, you have to create belief. By changing your focus from no way, to I’ll find a way, is a great first step.

In addition, affirmations such as “I am” statements said out loud and on repeat help to rewire your brain. Now that you’ve changed your focus and are speaking affirmative thoughts, your energy along with your emotions will change. You are now creating a foundation of belief.

Change your physiology

Secondly, you have to change your physiology. More often than not, when you’re in a funk, feeling down, or full of doubt, you’re likely sitting or laying down. By changing your body and your focus, you now have two systems working together. Get up. Go for a walk. Do jumping jacks or turn on some music.

When you get your body moving you’re creating a higher vibe energy. Emotion is simply energy in motion and by moving, you release the doubt and create belief because your emotion of despair now moves into possibility or excitement. 

Creating belief

In summary, in order to create belief in yourself, change your focus and change your physiology. Change always begins as an inside job. To learn more about creating belief and my coaching program, visit www.heatherhakes.com for more information.


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How to believe in yourself


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