How to Become a Human Being (Not a Human Doing)

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Episode #142

This week I’m sharing with you how to become a human being not a human doing. We have years of conditioning and beliefs that in order to get ahead, we must hustle and grind (doing) rather than get into alignment (being). I’m here to debunk this myth.

Stop Efforting

Think of a tree for just a moment. A tree comes from a space of allowing. It stands tall, not efforting and all of the resources it needs come to it. A tree is simply being. I want you to grasp this analogy and step into the same space of allowing in your own life.

You’re not here to hustle and grind. That is not the effortless way to achieve your goals, desires and dreams. Instead, I want to share with you ways in which you can step into a state of allowing and into alignment so that your desires can come to you.

Let go, Let flow

When you can let go of the need to control – the who, what, when, where, and how, the details will come to you. It may be through resources such as other people or you may get an intuitive nudge for your next step. No matter the scenario, the how will always be shown to you.

I want you to step into a space of being and stop doing. The struggle is not real. The obstacles and resistance you may be facing are entirely self imposed.

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