How to Be Faithful and Have Freedom in Relationships

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Episode #127


Relationships and dating – topics I LOVE to discuss!

This week, Stefanos Sifandos joined me to share how he went from being unfaithful to faithful and how to have freedom in relationships. Relationships are work (all of my married friends and those in relationships have confirmed to me). The current divorce rate is well over 50%. I don’t want you to be another statistic. 

Healing from past traumas.

Stefanos had his own journey of being unfaithful, and he did a lot of work to heal his past traumas and biases about relationships. I’ve learned that hurt people, hurt people. Stefanos had to be willing to make changes; he had to be willing to go deep.

So many of us believe we’re not enough or deserving of love and attention and will sabotage any potential relationship to prove our theory. Stemming from childhood, Stefanos was no different. He was wrapped in fear based thinking and learned from his parents that love was a trap and unhealthy.

Awareness is step number one.

In order to stop letting your past dictate your future, you have to be aware. And then you have to do some soul searching and digging into your beliefs. A powerful question to ask yourself is “Is this true?” 

Stefanos had to do the work and step into his authenticity. Who was he? Who did he want to be? How did he want his next relationship to look like? The most important thing to note, he took ownership for his actions. He sought help and he did the work.


When I put the word freedom and relationship in one sentence you may gasp at the idea of those two being possible. So many people think relationships will trap them. They will be controlled in some fashion and maybe lose who they once were. What if you took a different approach?

What if you chose to believe that two people who are full and complete on their own can come together in a sacred union and grow together? Understand one another and support each other? This isn’t airy fairy; rather, this is what’s possible if that’s what you bring to the table and attract in a partner. 

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