How to Avoid Temptation

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Episode #202

How to Avoid Temptation

As we’re still in early January, many of you may be focused on your big hairy audacious goals for 2020. Today I’m sharing with you how to avoid temptation so you actually reach those goals. Did you set out to lose weight, make more money, get into a relationship, start a business or finally travel to your bucket list destination?

Stop contradicting yourself

The reason so many people fall short of reaching their goals is temptation. If you tell the Universe you want something (a committed relationship) yet you’re giving into short term flings to avoid loneliness, you’re confusing the Universe. You can’t say one thing and do another and expect results.

Be aligned with your goal

Are you willing to say no to temptation to satisfy a craving if it’s not in alignment with your long term goal? Your current results can provide you with the answer. Another big hang up – if you don’t have a strong WHY for the thing you want, you’ll always cave into excuses and never have results.

You get to choose

The choices you’re making and the habits you have will either set you up for success or keep you in a vicious cycle of sabotage. Is 2020 your year? Are you really willing to go all in?

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