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How to Attract Your Dream Partner

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Episode #315


How to Attract Your Dream Partner

Valerie Adams joined me to share with you how to attract your dream partner. After years of singledom, Valerie knows a thing or two about struggles with dating. She also knows and shares the importance of doing the inner work so you can attract your dream partner.

Peeling back the layers

To begin, Valerie spent years living in San Diego as a first date wonder. She thought the problem was her city, but after relocating to Nashville for a job, her dating troubles continued. It wasn’t until she found her first coach and started peeling back the layers did her life change. Valerie faced her limiting beliefs and subconscious stories in order to reprogram her dating mindset.

Forgiveness will set you free

When Valerie started to implement forgiveness and releasing her old stories, her life changed. She started showing up authentically and completely shifted her mindset. She ended up moving back to San Diego and guess what….she met her now boyfriend of over two years in the exact same city she didn’t believe had dating potential.

Unconscious beliefs

The key here is becoming aware of your unconscious beliefs and patterns in order to change your reality. It’s not about making lists, but rather creating a life you’re obsessed with and making room for your dream partner to join you. Most importantly, be open to what they look like and know, it might be way different than the box you’re currently trying to date from!


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