Homeless to Getting Back on Track: A Tale From My Uber Driver

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Episode #121


You Never Know Who You’ll Meet!

This week, Keith Fitzpatrick joins me to share how he went from homeless, to getting back on track. Just a few weeks ago I landed in Nashville for a bachelorette party weekend and called an Uber to get to my Airbnb. That’s where I met Keith. I love talking to people and hearing their story. Keith shared with me that he’s a dance choreographer and not too long ago was homeless.

Obviously I wanted to know more. When he dropped me off I asked if I could get his info and bring him on the podcast. An important question I wanted to know – how do you get to the point of literally living out of your car?

Change Your Focus

We’re all on our own journey with life lessons to learn. Keith is no different. What I liked most about his story was how he embraced his situation, didn’t play victim and how he got himself back on track.

Keith spent nearly three years living in the Wal-mart parking lot while sleeping in his car. He showered at his local gym each day and stayed busy with multiple jobs. 

He realized he got himself into this mess, he had to get himself out. He started by asking “What am I going to do?” and “How will I change the way I think?”

Learn From Each Experience

Keith believes that this experience was a test from the universe. Rather than feel sorry for himself and play victim, he chose to learn from the experience by redefining life. He had to figure out what was really important to him.

The first step was accepting responsibility for his choices up to that point. Then, he got resourceful. There was a Lowe’s home improvement store next to Wal-mart where he learned he could logon to wifi. He started researching ways to rebuild his credit, and after eight months, he was back in the 700’s. 

Keith’s mantra was this: no matter what, I’ll be ok. 

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